No Noise Please


1 needed a better way to access my bookmarks

I have always thought that every day I come across sections of the web that are particularly interesting, and I always try to save them for later use... in my bookmarks. However, the "later use" never actually come, and I keep thinking, "Damn, there must be some hidden gems buried deep in my browser bookmarks."
I'm simply to lazy to go and search my bookmarks every time i "suppose" i have something usefull
So, I decided to create a tool that could scrape/index/store what i find interesting on the web and serve it back to me when i google something (Google is not thrown out the window)
Then, I realized that this tool could be useful for others as well. After all, I can't be the only one who still uses bookmarks to save everything in an unsorted manner.

it started to look like i was curating my own internet

2 google sucks

Google sometimes is shit. I think it's trying to help me, but i have the feeling the web is too big/complex and google doesn't know me well enought, so it just serves stupid ads without giving me great results.
SEO is a bit annoying. (i m not an expert, but) i think that guys that writes best blogs don't care about SEO... so i cimply cant find them.
That makes (i) finding great resources and (ii) retrieving some niche page I found while surfing very difficult.
Also, I dont't want my query to be interpreted with ML, i know what i want to search.

3 ai is flooding the web with garbage

Part of me is scared by the "Dead Internet Theory", part of me thinks that if an LLM writes usefull content i should take it as usefull.
That said, i feel the urge to scrape my own web and don't let google index it for me.
Maybe, in a distant future, the web will (or should, dunno) come back to something like Jerry and David's guide to the World Wide Web (a human-edited web directory)

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