No Noise Please


This is a tool that allows you to create a personal index of web pages. You can then search for pages in your index using keywords.
The tool is composed of a web app and a Firefox extension. The web app allows you to upload a page to your index given a URL, while the extension allows you to upload the current page on the browser to your index.
The tool is currently in beta and I m not the best programmer, so please be patient if you encounter any bugs.
If you have any suggestions, please let me know on Github

Why & Philosophy - some screenshot on the readme - Alternatives

How To use


Right now, the main limitation is on the number of pages that can be scraped. I have set a limit of 5 pages per month.
This is because I don't want to get my ip blacklisted. As a makeshift, I am currently routing the requests through a proxy, but I am still working on a solution to this problem. Suggestion are welcome.
Also, I call "scraping" a simple GET request to the page (to extract just the text), so if you need to login to see the content, you can't scrape it (but you can use the extension).


Well, of course, if I want to index every web page uploaded, I think there is no alternative but to obtain the clear/plain text (note that this is also valid if you want to index personal data through the extension). In case there is a way to protect the indexed text as well, please let me know.
I ask only for an email and save only 2 cookies (that I know of): a JWT and an id.
There are no analitycs.
The extention is 1.6kB of js, you can look it up. (just rename the file from .xpi to .zip)


I m trying my best, but i still suck.
If you find serious issues, please help me on Github.